Misty: Meet Mike Dragon, owner of Dragon Studio. He’s been in the wedding world as a stellar photographer for over 10 years owning his own business, and with a degree in Photography and having been in the field long before owning Dragon Studio. Mike’s not your average wedding photographer. The things that he can do with a camera and light, or the absence of it, are something to be revered. He captures the best in people, and some of the most fantastic emotion that I’ve ever seen. Not only does he know what he’s talking about from a photography standpoint, but he also knows what he’s talking about creatively.

Mike’s totally different than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I love getting to style and design photo shoots with him because it’s always a collaboration. He pushes me to take my idea and make it great. He teaches me what can and can’t be done in the realms of photography, and if it’s something that he cares enough about, he’ll find a way to make it happen. He’ll put up with my incessant late night text messages with crazy ideas, finalizing concepts, or endless to-do lists.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, like being the VP of Membership of our Hampton Roads chapter of International Live Events Association and a few amazing local features in magazines, he’s a fantastic friend. He’s married to an awesome woman named Loren and they have one of the best kids I’ve ever had the privilege to know, Anne-Marie. If you know him, you know that he’s also got 4 crazy cats and they end up in his Christmas card every year (that could have it’s own website if we let it). I wouldn’t go on this crazy quest with anyone else – he’s the string to my balloon – he’ll let me dream big, and then help keep it realistic so that things can really happen. He’s a fiercely loyal and selfless friend and I’m lucky to know him. I can’t wait to see where all his crazy dreams take the ISO brand.

Mike: Misty wanted me to write her about me page because she loves to hear other people say nice things about her. She’s actually standing over my shoulder right now holding a knife to my cat telling me exactly what to say. Someone help me… please.

No. That’s not true. She’s holding a knife to me…. No, that’s not true either.

I never thought I would ever have a business partner. I don’t like them. But there’s something about Misty. We are very similar in ways that lend themselves to a work environment and we have a very similar work ethic (in that we get $h!t done). We both set our expectations extremely high for anything we do. I think what each of us lacks we both make up for and we only accentuate each other’s talents.

Misty is probably one of the most endearing people I have ever met. She’s almost infectious in her friendship. She tells it how it is but at the same time supports not just her friends but everyone with more compassion and honesty than any normal person should. She will laugh with you (and at you) and cry for you. She works harder than most people I know. I’ve had too many conversations with her late at night while I’m in bed with one eye open and she’s plugging away on her computer making posts and creating marketing plans for her clients for Misty Saves the Day. It’s crazy but that’s who she is. She’s like a shark- she would die if she stopped.

The reason I ended up starting this publication with Misty was, for one, she wouldn’t let me say no, but really because it just clicks when we start planning things and that’s super rare to find with creative minds. One of us will mention an idea and the next thing we know we are photographing a bride underwater in the middle of the night (it happened- look at the blog). Inevitably one creative mind always wants to take control of the creation. Not with Misty. She always takes things to the next level and makes them happen.

Aside from her endearing friendship she is also a marketing specialist and SEO master mind. She has helped me in ways I never knew possible. She does things for businesses and their online presence that is almost supernatural. Some of the work I’ve done with her ranks higher in SEO than stuff I’ve had living on the internet for years. It’s crazy and it’s awesome. And thats why Misty Prewitt aka MFP is here with me on this journey.